The Whaleshark Divers are a five-star ITC centre (diving instructor training centre).

We provide training in line with the guidelines laid out by the two big global associations, CMAS/IDA and PADI. For this reason, you can take a wide variety of courses at our centre, spanning beginner level and many different intermediate courses and specialisms, all the way through to successful completion of training to become a fully-fledged diving instructor.

The centre has ultramodern and powerful Bauer compressors (440 and 320 l/min) at its disposal. Our equipment of the leading Italian manufacturer Seac Sub is well kept and is maintained by authorized staff skilled in this area. Visitors to the centre have adequate 80 cft/11.5 l and 15 l aluminium cylinders at its disposal, with a choice of either DIN or INT valves.
The workshop is equipped not only with the regular standard instruments – it also has special instruments (such as an ultrasonic cleaner) and spare parts from various manufacturers available for use.

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Equipment for hire:

Prices for our extensive range of equipment can be found in the prices’ dropdown menu.


As you would expect, our diving centre and our deep-sea boat both have an emergency oxygen kit and a large first-aid kit. To ambitious divers, however, we would like to point out as a precaution that the nearest recompression chamber is located around four hours away in the capital, Cebu.