Boatdives 1350,- peso
Limasawa 1550,- peso
Napantao 1750,- peso
Liloan 1750,- peso
Night-time diving 1550,- peso
Haus-Reef-Dives 1100,- peso
Whale shark tour incl. 1 dive 3750,- peso


Equipment hire per dive 350 pesos (does not include dive computer and light), Individual items of equipment on request. Daytrips with two or more dives include coffee, water, tea and softdrinks.

Snorkelling equipment 350 pesos per day.

Please note: Some of the dive sites mentioned above are marine park areas subject to fees. Many divers are annoyed by these fees, because the revenue from them is often used for purposes other than intended. Not us though! The revenue gained from the marine park fees goes towards the direct preservation of these areas (e.g. fishing is strictly prohibited). The fees amount to around 100 pesos per person and are invested wisely.

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