Mark`s Climax

Steep face! Max. depth over 40 m. Dive site which covers “all the bases”. Spanning small wall slugs, shoals of tuna and mackerel in the open water, through to eagle rays, man-of-wars, sea bass, groupers, grunts and many others in addition.  Suitable for all levels.

Bunga Point

Max. depth over 40 m. Unique cascaded sloping reef, at the centre of which you will always find a rock formation surrounded by shoals of fish. A dive site where dreams come true, and where close encounters of the third kind are really possible. Suitable for advanced-level divers upwards.

Medicare Nord und Süd

Max. depth 35 m. Incline sloping at an angle of 30 degrees. The South in particular is extremely rich in species, with a large number of turtles. Both sites collectively have intact coral “worlds” which will surprise time and time again with their frogfish, morays and mantis shrimp. Suitable for all levels.


Max. depth 18m.

Heidi Flowersgarden

Approx. 60 degrees sloping hillside, only small coral on black Carasand with millions of feather star.