Not far from us are the islands of Limasawa and Panaon Island, which are destinations for our day trips as well as for our safaris lasting several days.

  1.  Günters Wall
    Max. depth +++. A seemingly endless vertical & sloping steep face covered by wonderful soft-coral. A ‚view of the blue‘ will not only give you the chance to see shoals of fish – with a little luck, you’ll also encounter a hammerhead shark or two. One of our top sites, but also – depending on the depth – suitable for beginners.

  2. Wolle`s Wall
    Max. depth +++. An incline sloping at a 60-degree angle initially, which becomes a vertical slope 30 m down. Endless options. Suitable for experts only!

  3. The Cove
    Max. depth 40 m. Steep face with many cave-type inlets, providing a hiding place for rare species. This dive site is also known as Jurassic Park on account of the full range of critters found here. Suitable for all levels.

  4. Limasawa Point
    Max. depth +++. Incline at the southern tip of the island sloping at an angle of between 30 and 60 degrees, with variable currents at times, plus a wonderful coral garden in the shallower section. Expect to encounter big fish in the deeper water. Depending on the depth, suitable for all levels.

  5. Bonnies Place
    Max. depth 35 m. Sloping incline in the west of the island, home to many turtles and sea snakes. Whale sharks are spotted here every so often.

  6. Limasawa Nord
    Max. depth 40 m. An incline situated in the north, sloping at an angle of between 40 and 80 degrees. Depending on the tides, suitable for bathing right through to very strong and variable currents. Sightings of schooling fish and large fish are not out of the question. When there is little current, expect to see a reef with a rarely seen richness of species.
    Depending on the circumstances, suitable for all levels.